Sunday, 19 April 2009

A View Of Shrewsbury

Today i decided to go for a pleasant stroll round Shrewsbury. All these photos were taken at Reabrook a pleasant area of wildlife in Shrewsbury not that far from my house.

A picture of a swan swimming on the reabrook.

A picture of a swan on 'swan island' relaxing and bathing in the midday sun.

A picture of some white blossom.

A picture of one of the many public underways. I love how it looks as though its bending in this photo.

Another picture of The Reabrook.

A picture looking over The Reabrook on the bridge.

And another picture looking over the other side of The Reabrook on the bridge.

I like how the track leads into the center of the image.

A picture of Lord Hills column. Ive been meaning to go to up for ages.Its on of those things, you never visit attractions that are on your doorstep.

A love this place,its like the 'Secret Garden'. Unfortunately it was near impossible to photograph.I wanted to give a deep field of view so i set the aperture to f22 but to compensate for this i had to have a massive exposure time. I didn't have a tripod so couldn't keep the camera still for long enough. So my only option was to ramp up the ISO to 3200 and this is what i got!

I like the mood this photo creates (there a light at the end of the tunnel), i think its my favourite of the collection. I also like the detail of the decay and how it has rusted in the top right hand corner.

I shot this using a aperture of f4 to throw the background out of focus.

A beautiful cherry tree in full blossom right in the center of Shrewsbury.

I love the way this tree has bent and twisted.

A Bluebell shot on the forest floor.

A Berberis flower.


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