Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shrewsbury Abbey

Yesterday i decided to visit Shrewsbury Abbey one of the most popular places in Shrewsbury. Yet i never seem to have a look around it. Its not that far from my house at all.
A photo of the front of the Abbey. As you can probably tell by the sky i took this one some time before the others because there was too many cars on the road yesterday.
This picture of the south side of the Abbey showing how one of the wings was literally demolished by Thomas Telford because he wanted to build a road through there in 1836(London to Holyhead). You can see abit of the road in the photo above. More info on Thomas Telford.

A photo round the back of the Abbey showing the remains of the medieval north transept.
A close up of the arches that you can see in the second photo.

Another photo round the back of the Abbey. (remains of north transect)

More info on Shrewsbury Abbey

Even more info on Shrewsbury Abbey


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