Thursday, 4 June 2009

Powis Castle

I went on a day out to Powis Castle last Bank Holiday Monday. It was a lovely hot day. I didnt go into the house but I had a walk around the large gardens for a few hours and took some photos. It was quite hard to get some good photos because there were so many people there.

powis_castle (5)
I took this 'front on' photo of Powis Castle from the woods opposite the castle.
big_foot (2)
I found this large foot situated deep in the gardens. It looked a bit boring on its own, so i injected a bit of colour by painting its nails with pink rhododendron petals. What do you think of my nail painting?
A 'front on' shot of the big foot.
powis_gardens (2)
This picture shows the lovely manicured hedges inside the gardens. powis_castle-broken_tree
A picture of a hollow tree inside the grounds. I went inside it, in fact i stood up inside it!

powis_castle-statue (3)


This statue is called "Fame”it is attributed to the workshop of Dutchman John van Nost, it is now in The Courtyard (see photo below). The piece seems to have been struck from the same mould as the Pegasus and fame supplied by van Nost between 1705 and 1716 to Sir Nicholas Shireburn at Stonyhurst, Lancashire.

This view of Powis Castle is the view you see when you just walk inside the gate.
I love the symmetry in this photo.
And the symmetry in this photo.
I love the red in the top right hand colour. And again the symmetry.
powis_castle (4)
I also took this photo from the woods. It looks asthough its slanting to the left.
powis_castle (3)
I love this photo, its my favourite of the day. Its shows most of the formal gardens and the castle. I took it while I was on the lawns. I was resting on the grass and soaking up the sun when I saw this photo opportunity. I quickly picked up my camera and photographed what I saw.

I hope you like the skies in all these photographs of Powis Castle, there deep blue colour. I achieved these great skies by using a circular polarizer filter. I did an article about my circular polarizer, in my last post.
My circular polarizer (Hama Circular Polarizer Filter 55mm)

More info Powis Castle.

For even more info on the history, horticulture, garden history, history of art, architecture, social history, natural environment and conservation of the castle, you can buy the official National Trust book on Powis Castle. Powis Castle Book

Or alternatively for even more info you can buy the official National Trust Dvd on Powis Castle. National Trust - Powis Castle [DVD]


Sharon Curran 11 August 2009 at 07:20  

This is a great set of pictures. Looks like you had a good weather for it too. I really could do with more days out like this visiting places of interest armed with my camera.

Viagra Online 17 January 2011 at 07:13  

What an images I feel so identify with this because my grandmother has a castle like that but it's a little bit modern.

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