Saturday, 12 September 2009

Miners Wheel: Black and White

Miners Wheel

Here is the Miners Wheel memorial in Highley (Shropshire). With this photo I did quite alot of photo editing.

  • Firstly I converted it into Black and White and then I played with the levels in lots of layers to boost the contrasts and to bring out the details in the photo particularly in the sky and the wheel legs to stop them blending into the hedge behind.
  • Secondly I did some dodging in the grass to boast the contrast giving the grass a infrared look.
  • I then did some burning in the sky to stop it looking so bland and lifeless.
  • Then I did some selective sharpening particularly on the rock and and on the grass to bring out the details. And Finally I added a vignette effect to draw the eye into the centre of the image.
This is the book Digital Masters: B&W Printing that gave me the inspiration, it made me want to go out and have ago at some black and white photography. Here is the review I wrote on it Digital Masters: B&W Printing Book Review.


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