Friday, 3 July 2009

Darwins Quantum Leap

Shrewsbury's answer to The Angel Of The North.

The Quantum Leap is a new 12 metre high 19 metres wide sculpture to mark the bicentury of Charles Darwin. A world renowned scientist who was credited for the theory of 'evolution by natural selection'. The Quantum Leap is being built in Shrewsbury (Darwins birth town) alongside the River Severn and is going to cost the taxpayer a hefty £350,000.

According to Jon King the Darwin co-ordination officer he describes the sculpture as a “large supporting cradle that has been built so we can suspend the ribs of the sculpture as it takes shape. When the final rib is in place the cradle will be removed and it will be left as a free standing arch in all its glory."
"No structure like this has ever been built before – it’s unique."

I am yet undecided about the Qauntum Leap. If The Qauntum Leap fits in with the area then I believe that it will be a great success and provide a major boost to Shrewsbury's tourism. But currently I am having reservations about it fitting in because of The Guidhall and The Theatre Severn not fitting in at all with there surrounding areas. But I will make my final decision about it when it is revealed in August.

Quantum Leap
A photo showing The Quantum Leap under construction it is about two thirds finished at the moment.
Quantum Leap
A photo showing the giant crane that is needed to put the ribs in place. It also shows the large metal supports that are needed to support the sculpture until the final rib (keystone) is put in place.

An artists impression of how Quantum Leap will look.

Quantum Leap Video

This video is a 'virtual fly' through the Quantum Leap.

Live Quantum Leap Webcam

Live Quantum Leap Cam
This is a view of the site of the Quantum Leap sculpture, Shrewsbury, as seen from the top of Theatre Severn.

This image is updated every 2 minutes. Please refresh (F5) the page to see updated image.

Update July 31st

The Quantum Leap, is reportedly incorrectly aligned and as much as 18in off course at the top of the structure. Dominic Wallis (helping leading the project) has even said it was possible that the allignment problem could not be corrected.
More info Darwin Structure is out of line.

Update September 28th

The Quantum Leap is now behind schedule and £100,000 above budget.
More Info: Fresh uproar over artwork


Dusty Lens 4 July 2009 at 10:34  

I'm liking all the lines and square patterns in your first photo.

sbunting108 5 July 2009 at 07:44  

Thanks! After looking at the photo again. I can see why you like the lines and the squares.

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