Monday, 27 July 2009

Side Turkey

I have recently returned from my holiday to Side in Turkey. Side (pronounced see-dey) is a stunning historical coastal resort situated on a small peninsular on the Mediterranean sea. Side is 15kms east to one of Turkey's largest cities Antalya. In Turkish Side actually means pommergranate. This is why all over Side there are many large pomergranates around in public areas.

A map showing where Side is in relation to the rest of Turkey.
You can also see where I went on holiday in 2005 to Fethiye in Turkey (number 11).
Here is a blog post I wrote about a day trip I travelled on in 2005 to Lycia Rock Cut Lycian Tombs.

On my holidays I visited these historical places, these places are:

The Manavgat Waterfall

The Aspendos Theatre

The Temple Of Apollo


The Kursunla Waterfalls

Over the coming week I will be uploading some photos and videos and writing some little snippets of history about these historical places.

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I have now finished writing these posts, to see them click on the links on the places above.


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